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weddingWhen South Korea swore in its first female president, Park Geun-hye, last month, the proceedings included a speech calling for North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions, a 21-gun salute, and a performance of Gangnam Style by Psy, the country’s rap sensation whose YouTube video for the song was not only the first to reach more than one billion views but also a hyper-efficient conduit for introducing Korean style (or, at least, the styles of the Gangnam shopping district) to the rest of the world.
South of the Han in Seoul – the country’s capital and a sprawling concrete megalopolis – Gangnam was known in the 1980s for its art galleries and alternative scene. In the 1990s small stores moved in, which have been followed by major designers (the biggest six are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Fendi, and Christian Dior), lured by the growing appetite in South Korea for luxury goods.

“Korean fashion culture is developing very fast. Lots of Koreans are trying to express their own personality and sensibility with their clothes,” said designer Lie Sang Bong, whose inspiration is often taken from Korean cultural motifs adapted to create East-meets-West looks worn by Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan, among others.

When asked how Psy’s success has changed the fashion landscape in Korea, Lie San Bong says, “A couple of months ago [the actor and Les Miserables star] Hugh Jackman was trying on a jacket that I gave him and asked, ‘Is this Gangnam style?’ Gangnam Style was a great advertisement of Gangnam in Korea.”

Now a shopper’s paradise, Gangnam is packed with swarms of young people dressed in expensive designer gear on the hipster drag of Garosugil. While global fashion brands have a major presence, local designers are increasingly proving a draw – both at home and abroad.


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First collection

weddingConsider the Simone Handbag Museum, which opened last year on Garosugil in Bagstage, a multi-story building designed to resemble a bag and to showcase local artisans and designs from its own brand 0914, alongside its museum collection. Or consider Seoul Fashion Week, which ended on March 30, having featured an array of established and upcoming designers such as Shin Jang Kyoung, Kimseoryong, and Munsoo Kwon.

The latter launched his first collection in New York in 2012 after working for a number of big brands, including Helmut Lang.

Though Kwon is based in Gangnam, he also has a New York showroom, indicative of the way Korean designers are beginning to branch out in the US market. Indeed, at this year’s New York Fashion Week, Concept Korea, a showcase for Korean designers launched in 2010 to promote Korean fashion designers and help them break into the US, proved one of the most colourful highlights of the week, attracting guests such as the British pop singer Neon Hitch, who modelled one of Lie Sang Bong’s glamorous fluffy white jackets.

On display was work from six leading designers, including Lie Sang Bong, Son Jung Wan and Choi Bo Ko and Kye by Kathleen Kye, a Central St Martins graduate whose work can be found in Harvey Nichols in London and in Gangnam in the Daily Projects shop.

“Korean consumers like to follow fashion trends,” Kye says. “My hope is that Koreans can express their personality with a more free-minded and witty style, like in the UK and Japan.”

“K-pop became famous, and now the attention is moving to K-fashion,” says Lie Sang Bong. “K-fashion is important because it can communicate Korean emotions and feelings throughout the world.”


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weddingYet for the retailers themselves, fast fashion can be more of a mixed bag. The business model boasts incredible unit-level economics — stores cost little to open, and the inventory turns over incredibly fast, with new merchandise brought in weekly or even daily. Yet, with its focus on low prices, the model also encourages consumers to be more loyal to price than brand or shop, leading to a race to the bottom in which retailers must constantly lower prices — and see their margins reduced.

There’s also the question of where these cheap goods come from and under what conditions, and by whom, they’re manufactured. In the U.S., where consumers buy on average 64 new items of clothing each year, the fast fashion industry has come under scrutiny and been the subject of books such as Elizabeth Cline’s 2012 exposé, “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion,” which chronicles the possible environmental and social damage fast fashion can cause.

May the cheapest skirt win.

For existing Australian retailers, there is a more immediate kind of damage to keep an eye on. H&M will compete directly with privately owned retailers such as Ice and Cotton On, and also with the likes of Country Road (ASX: CTY), as H&M offers similar office-appropriate outfits at far lower prices.

H&M stores also poses a threat to Premier Investments (ASX: PMV) which has lately seen success with its fast-fashion concepts Dotti and Portmans. That’s to say nothing of older, legacy retailers such as David Jones (ASX: DJS) and Myer (ASX: MYR).

If history repeats itself, and H&M performs as well as it has in other markets, these retailers are right to be shaking in their platform studded booties.

Looking for some investment ideas not in the fickle fashion category? look no further! Get two under-the-radar ideas now, including names, codes, and a full investment analysis in our brand new FREE report, Two Small Cap Superstars.


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Breakup news

Harry Styles Thought Dating Taylor Swift Was Boring? Harry Wants Taylor 1D3D Movie Scenes Deleted.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift breakup news has mostly fizzled, but every once in awhile, a new report comes out about “the real reason they broke up.”

This new report paints Harry as a total jerk, as he is rumored to have told Taylor she was “boring”–and then they were reports that, according to Us Weekly, Taylor and Harry got in a fight, and Hazza left, returning to say, “I went to get drinks without you because you’re so f**king boring.”

And then Taylor reportedly took off. End scene.

Believe it?In other news, Haylor are never, ever getting back together–which we pretty much already knew, but a source tells that “Harry is beyond over Taylor.”
The source adds, “He doesn’t talk about her, he doesn’t talk to her and he doesn’t want to be with her ever again. He has moved on!”
We figured that was the case…and, in fact, Harry may be so over Taylor that he doesn’t even want any footage of Taylor in the new 1D3D movie.
In Touch (via reports that Harry wants scenes that include Taylor deleted from the movie, with a source noting, “He thinks Taylor’s being childish. He really thought that she of all people would value another celebrity’s privacy.”


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Jenna-Louise Coleman Will Stay On For ‘Doctor Who’ Season 8.


Coleman confirms that Clara Oswin Oswald isn’t going away anytime soon.
Given that Clara Oswin Oswald has already died twice on “Doctor Who,” no one can guarantee that her third incarnation won’t meet a similar fate. But that doesn’t mean that Clara’s portrayer, Jenna-Louise Coleman won’t be around for this season and beyond.

During an interview with BBC Radio 5 (via Radio Times) Coleman noted that “I can say I will be in season eight.” Coleman also said that production of “Doctor Who” Season 8 won’t even begin until September, because her co-star, Matt Smith will be away filming How To Catch A Monster, the directorial debut of Ryan Gosling.

“Doctor Who” producer Marcus Wilson sat in on the interview with Coleman and dropped a few teasers for the new season: “It’s an epic series – [Steven Moffat has] raised the bar again. It’s full of huge variety. We get to see some old friends, some old aliens, but running through is the delicious mystery of the impossible girl who is Clara Oswald.”

For her part, Coleman added that the Doctor and Clara’s relationship will “not [be] as straightforward as them being great friends who go on this adventure – there’s so much subtext of them both trying to figure each other out. I have the idea they’re magnetically drawn to each other.”

“Doctor Who” Season 7 will resume on Saturday, March 30 on BBC America and BBC One.


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NBC moves ‘Smash’ to Saturday; dating show to Tuesday to bolster sagging ratings.


NBC programming chief Robert Greenblatt had to put his puppy down Wednesday.
The network announced its let’s-make-a-musical drama “Smash” is, as of April 6, moving to Saturdays to run out the rest of this season’s order. “Smash,” starring Katherine McPhee as the Broadway newcomer cast to play Marilyn Monroe in a musical biopic, was a passion project of Greenblatt’s, who first developed it while running things at pay cable network Showtime. He brought it with him when he moved to NBC.

The show started strong when it was launched last season, but faltered as its first season continued. And, despite a show-runner change, and a cast overhaul, the second season failed to rebound, ratings-wise, contributing to a lousy first quarter for the network that finished the fourth in first place among 18-to-49-year-old viewers who are the currency of broadcast TV ad sales. For the season to date, NBC has now slipped to third place in that age bracket, behind CBS and Fox.

Which explains why NBC is putting the pedal to the metal with a heavy dose of reality TV to get it through the end of the TV season in May, according to Wednesday’s announced schedule changes Most noticeably, its new dating competition series “Ready for Love,” which had been scheduled to air Sunday at 8, will instead air Tuesdays at 9, following NBC’s singing competition hit “The Voice,” starting April 9. Eva Longoria exec produces “Love.”

(One week earlier, the season finale of Ryan Murphy’s freshman comedy “The New Normal” airs its season finale after “The Voice.”)

On Sundays, NBC will instead air reruns of its Tuesday and Wednesday episodes of “The Voice,” on March 31 and April 7, leading into “Celebrity Apprentice,” which will expand to two hours as of April 14.

Matthew Perry’s freshman comedy “Go On,” meanwhile, will get to follow “The Office” on Thursday nights for its final two episodes of the season, on April 4 and 11.


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Dating Site Claims Chicago Women Think 20 Is the Best Age to Lose Virginity.


One dating site claims Chicago women think age 20 is the sweet spot for losing one’s virginity.
A “virginity survey” was conducted of female members nationwide to find out what the “ideal” age is to have sex for the first time, “sugar daddy” dating site said Wednesday.

Out of the 6,148 Chicago members who responded, 42 percent said 20 is the ideal age for sex, according to SeekingArrangement. That’s above the national average of 17.4, according to the Kinsey Institute.
But it’s in line with the responses the site received in other large cities, SeekingArrangement spokesman Leroy Velasquez said. Cities such as Pittsburgh, Tampa, Baltimore, Sacramento and others said holding out until age 20 or thereabouts is ideal.

The number one reason to abstain? Turns out, about 74 percent of Chicago women who responded said the multitude of options offered by online dating, social networking and the like have helped make them more selective in finding “the one,” according to the sugar daddy site.

“Waiting until marriage” was the second most popular reason for responders, according to the survey, with 18 percent. “Personal beliefs (religion),” came next with 6 percent, then Upbringing (culture) at 1 percent and “Other” with less than 1 percent, according to the site.

The site also claims that one of nine Chicago women who responded are still virgins, similar to responses the site received in other cities, Velasquez said.
There’s no word what Chicago men think. They weren’t given the “virginity survey,” Velasquez said.SeekingArrangement bills itself as the “premier sugar daddy dating website.”


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Mass. court: Abuse law can apply to online dating.

Massachusetts’ highest court on Wednesday ruled that substantive dating relationships developed and maintained using instant messaging, Skype, emails and other electronic communications are subject to the state’s domestic abuse laws.

The Supreme Judicial Court made the ruling in overturning a restraining order against a British man who was 24 when he developed a relationship with a 16-year-old Massachusetts girl after she visited London in 2011.

The court said Gregory James Compton was not a threat to the girl, in overturning the restraining order the girl’s father had obtained against Compton under the state’s domestic abuse law.Mistreatment stemming from relationships formed online and through other means of electronic communications are not specifically identified in Massachusetts’ domestic abuse law.

In its decision posted online, the court said its ruling “reflects the changing nature of relationships and, specifically, the fact that an increasing number of relationships, including ones involving teenagers, are being conducted electronically.”

Compton used real-time electronic communications to maintain the relationship with the teen after she returned home, professing his love for her, discussing the age of consent for sex and planning a trip to Massachusetts for a “sneaky sleepover” while he was in town. He also talked about having a conversation in his hotel room “with somthing gd in our hands,” an apparent reference to drinking alcohol.

The high court, on its own initiative, took the case from a lower court. Its ruling Wednesday said the domestic abuse law “must be interpreted to protect all who are in a substantive dating relationship from abuse, regardless of whether the relationship was developed or conducted by the use of technology.”


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Substantive dating relationship

The ruling said Massachusetts courts can determine whether a couple is in a substantive dating relationship by considering the nature, frequency and length of their communications and if either person has ended the relationship.

“Clearly the court took the case … on its own initiative because, I think, they wanted to address this issue of electronic dating and whether, under the statute, electronic communication could form the basis of a substantive dating relationship — which is one of the basis under the statute which gives the court the authority to issue an abuse order,” said lawyer Mark Engel, who represented Compton in the lower court.

Robert Peck, an attorney for the girl’s father, said in a telephone interview from Salem that the decision recognizes that more people are using various forms of social media to communicate and establish relationships in real time.

What the Supreme Judicial Court “has done is to bring the reality of today into clear focus” for applications under domestic abuse laws to relationships formed by previously nontraditional means such as the Internet, Skype, Facebook, and instant messaging, Peck said.

The girl’s parents discovered the communication and her father secured the restraining order, which was served to Compton after he arrived at an inn near the family home in November.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the man’s conduct did not rise to the level of abuse because he did not harm or try to harm her physically, and did not cause the girl to engage in a sexual relationship by force, threat or duress. Those standards are set under a state’s domestic abuse law that enables adults, children and others living in a home to secure a restraining order directing someone to refrain from abuse or contact.

The court also found that the teen was capable of agreeing to sex because she is older than the state consent age of 16.

“The defendant’s passing references in his electronic communications with the daughter implying that he might furnish her with alcohol, while understandably reprehensible to the father, is not evidence suggesting physical abuse or evidence that the defendant planned to give alcohol to her in order to have involuntary sexual relations with her, certainly a form of physical abuse,” the court said. “We conclude that this conduct does not meet the definition of ‘abuse'” under the state domestic abuse law.


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Relationship writer

Eric Rogell Writes the Book on Sun Tzu, War and Dating.

Relationship writer Eric Rogell covers the great strategies in the quest for women with his book, “The Art of War for Dating.”
Eric Rogell doesn’t think women are the enemy, but he’s not sure they know that. With that in mind, the businessman, writer and dating coach wrote his book, “The Art of War for Dating.”

Once the head of product design and development for a $600 million mail order company and a Creative Director for national magazines, Rogell is now what the journalism game calls an “influencer.” To the uninitiated, that makes him a lifestyle journalist who writes on the young men’s pleasures of that much-prized 18-45 demographic.

Along the way, he’s observed the successes and failures of his own dating life and the metaphor-mixing slings and arrows suffered by his guy friends. While he doesn’t see dating as a conflict to be endured, he saw enough in the strategy of meeting and getting to know women to draw similarities between the pursuit of the fairer sex and Sun Tzu’s all-purpose text, “The Art of War.”A Crave Online writer can use occasional advise as much as the next guy, so we caught up to Rogell out on the road and fired some salvos at this dating wisdom.

CRAVE ONLINE: When did you get the idea to criss-cross dating with Art of War?
Eric Rogell: I’m not the first guy to look at dating as a war. Look at the phrases that have been used by poets and writers for centuries: Love is a battlefield…The battle of the sexes…All’s fair in love and war…
This battle has been raging between the sexes ever since Eve dropped her “Adam Bomb” back in the First Conflict of the Garden of Eden. And women have been winning the war ever since. They are much better prepared, have much better battlefield training, and have an almost innate sense of how to deflect incoming advances. Plus, they are the keepers of the “prize.”
So, who better to turn to for advice on how to deal with a superior opponent than the master of military strategy himself, Sun Tzu?


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CRAVE ONLINE: Where’s the line between pursuing women and “douchebaggery?”
Eric Rogell: Here’s a good litmus test: A douche bag sees a woman as an enemy to be conquered, while a man who pursues women sees them as a worthy adversary who may end up becoming a valued ally if he handles the situation with diplomacy and finesse.

And it’s not as fine a line as you would think. While doing my research for the book, and talking to guys all over the country, I was surprised to learn that the vast majority weren’t looking for a quick way to trick women into bed or to sleep with hundreds of chicks. They just wanted a realistic, useful, proven strategy to meet that ONE great woman they could have a relationship with. So the douche bag potential was low.

Still douchebaggery exists everywhere. Women have developed pretty keen Douche-dar. That’s not to say the techniques and strategies in the book can’t be used for evil. But so can lasers…

CRAVE ONLINE: If there was one lesson to take from your book — one thing with which to leave the reader — what would like it to be?
Eric Rogell: The hidden “ah-ha!” of the book, and the real way to get the women you desire, is simply by being a better man… Being the kind of man the women you’re after WANT to date, WANT to have fun with, WANT to spend time with. It’s not about pickup lines and canned routines. Those simply help you break the ice, get over your fears, and get in the game. It’s really all about the art of attraction and being “attractive,” not in the sense of looks or physicality, but in the sense of how you carry yourself, your attitude, your strength—the things that women are truly attracted to in men. And, yeah, that takes more work than just learning a few indirect openers.


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Approaching women

CRAVE ONLINE: Has anyone approached you with success stories thanks to your book?
Eric Rogell: All the time. A lot of guys tell me it’s gotten them over their fear of approaching women and they’ve finally gotten themselves a social life. One of my buddies read it after breaking up with a longtime girlfriend, who he thought was The One, and figured he’d never meet another. He ended up dating a half dozen women within two weeks. My nephew also begged me for a copy after failing to hook up at college, and texted me that he ended up with a rotating group of 15 girls. (My sister still isn’t talking to me.)
Women tell me success stories all the time, too. They picked up the book expecting to hate it as a how-to-get-over-on-women guide, but ended up learning how they’ve been repelling men out of knee jerk reaction to things they say. They’ve ended up playing the game themselves, and have met better guys because of it.

CRAVE ONLINE: When do you think a male evolves from horny pick up artist to genuine adult pursuer of women?

Eric Rogell: Most pick up artists would argue that they are genuine adult pursuers of women – and that the AFCs (the Average Frustrated Chumps), and especially the douche bags, are the ones who are giving seduction a bad name and need to evolve.

I personally think it happens when guys realize that you can get a lot more out of being an “attractive” guy and stop doing stupid shit like calling a chick a lesbian or getting belligerent and angry if she shoots you down. The evolved man doesn’t take it personally and realizes there are thousands of women out there, and you’re not going to succeed with every single one of them.


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Fil-Am wins in US reality TV dating game show ‘The Bachelor’.

A Filipino-American woman emerged as the winner of the 17th season of the US reality television dating game show “The Bachelor” when she won the heart of the man who was looking for a girlfriend.
An article on Asian Journal said 26-year-old half-Filipina Catherine Ligaya Mejia Giudici accepted the proposal of Sean Lowe, and bested 25 other girls for the way to his heart.Giudici is a graphic designer and blogger from Seattle, Washington.The article noted that she is the daughter of one of the trustees of the Filipino-American National Historical Society in Seattle, Cynthia Mejia-Giudici.

On the other hand, her father, Carey “Trip” Guidici, is a journalist of Scottish and Swiss-Italian descent who was also a former editor-in-chief of Northwest Asia Week.
An estimated 10 million viewers watched Giudici accept Lowe’s proposal before they climbed “atop an elephant under a Thailand sunset” during the “The Bachelor” two-hour season finale on Monday.

“I miss you every time we have to say goodbye. I don’t want to say goodbye anymore,” Texas insurance agent Lowe, 28, said during his proposal to Giudici.He also said he and Giudici plan to have a televised wedding though he said there is still no definite date for their wedding.
“A marriage follows a proposal. We don’t have a date yet but we have decided that it would be cool since our relationship started and cultivated on a TV show we’ll have our wedding on a TV show. ABC will cover the wedding,” Lowe said.
Entertainment site E! Online also came out with some trivia about Giudici in an article, noting that the “The Bachelor” winner is “not creative,” a writer aside from being a graphic designer; vegetarian, and athletic.
The story noted Giudici’s explanation on the claims that she is “not creative.

“Usually when someone claims to be creative, the term loses a bit of its value. I won’t say I am creative because that is for you to judge. But I will say that I like to create,” she said.Giudici also writes a weekly column for called “Meatless Mondays,” in which she gives recommendations about restaurants that serve good vegan food.

Her being a vegetarian was already noted in the show, but the reason she chose the lifestyle was because of a trip to Kenya in Africa, where she ate “copious amounts of exotic—and not so exotic—meat on a trip to Kenya” that afterwards left her “craving anything and everything without a face.”Lastly, running more than nine miles is apparently no sweat for Giudici, who earlier this month ran the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K in 1 hour, 36 minutes, and 16 seconds.


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New man

Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ Ex, Reportedly Dating Billionaire Chris Cline.

Does Elin Nordegren have a new man in her life?

According to Page Six, Tiger Woods’ 33-year-old ex-wife has been dating 53-year-old billionaire Chris Cline since the holidays.
Both Nordegren and Cline — a coal magnate worth a reported $1.2 billion dollars — own homes in a North Palm Beach, Fla. oceanfront community called Seminole Landing.

The reports of Nordegren’s new romance come nearly two months after The National Enquirer claimed that Woods was trying to win back his ex by offering her a $200 million pre-nup. Woods refused to comment on the reports.

In February, the ex-couple was photographed together for the first time in years at a local youth sporting event with their two young children.

Nordegren and Woods — who were married for nearly six years — divorced in August 2010 in the wake of the golfer’s heavily publicized cheating scandal.

Cline, a father of four, has been married twice before. His first wife, Sabrina, died of breast cancer in 1987. He divorced his second wife, Kelly, in 2000.


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Now, dating website for couples to spice up their love life.

A New York-based dating website is reaching out to rev up the love lives of city slickers who are already matched up, by providing pre-planned dates.HowAboutWe caters to couples who are too busy — or too lazy — to plan their own dates.

“We’re a modern love company,” co-founder Brian Schechter told the New York Daily News.HowAboutWe for Couples is a spinoff of the company’s popular HowAboutWe dating site for singles, where date-seekers pitch a date idea and see if anyone bites.

Schechter got the idea for the couples’ site after noticing singles were deactivating their accounts once they met someone.
But he said that they kept coming back because they were looking for inspiration for their own dates.

They realized that people who are in relationships are still looking for wonderful date ideas.
On HowAboutWe for Couples, the dates are already planned.Favorites include “Peanuts About You,” a date to a peanut butter specialty shop in the West Village, and “Scratch That,” a DJ lesson for two.

For 18 dollars a month, couples can choose from a selection of pre-planned dates.Some are free, but more extravagant dates — like a two-night getaway in the Finger Lakes region — cost extra.
Since it launched in November, more than 2,000 couples have signed up for the service, which is only available in New York, with plans to launchsoon in San Francisco.


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Statement style

Ten Things About… Rita Ora.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora had an explosive 2012 – her debut record Ora hit the top spot in the album charts, she scored three number one singles, and she landed a role as a guest judge on The X Factor.

This year looks set to be just as big for the 22-year-old. She’s bagged herself a role in Fast & Furious 6, which will hit cinemas in May, and with a second album in the pipeline, Ora shows no signs of slowing down or going off the radar. Especially if she continues to rub people up the wrong way as she did last month with her thinly veiled digs about Jade Ewen and Eurovision.

With her statement style and oh-so-trendy friends (we’re looking at you, Cara Delevingne), Ora has secured her position as fashionista, girl-about-town and pop superstar all rolled in to one.

We’ve delved into the world of Rita Ora to bring you ten things you may not have known about Jay-Z’s red-lipped protégé.

1. Rita Sahatçiu Ora was born in Kosovo on November 26, 1990 and moved to West London with her family at the age of 1. Her mum’s a psychiatrist and her dad owns a pub where she frequently gigged as she was growing up. She is extremely close to her big sister Elena who travels with her as her PA.

2. As an ex-student of the Sylvia Young Theatre School, Ora joins the long list of notable alumni including Amy Winehouse, Emma Bunton and er… Dean Gaffney. She was even in the same class as Vanessa White from The Saturdays. Ora has previously admitted she sometimes struggled to stick to the rules while she was at school.

3. Although we know her best for her catchy party tunes, Ora has also dabbled in the world of acting. In 2004 she played the part of a young Albanian girl called Rosanna in British Crime flick Spivs. Scenes from the film show a fresh-faced, dark-haired Rita before she discovered bottles of bleach and lashings of bright red lippy.


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4. In 2009, Rita auditioned in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest. Deciding it wasn’t for her, she walked out of the audition before even finding out whether she had been successful. Rita recently stated that she had no regrets, saying that if she had done Eurovision her “career would be over”. Her comments prompted retaliation from eventual winner Sugababe Jade Ewen, who hit back saying that “some manage to sleep their way to success”. Miaow! Claws away ladies!

5. Signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label by the big man himself when she was just 17, Ora is in good company and has schmoozed with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Are you jealous yet? If not, we can carry on…The-Dream, Kanye West, Chris Martin, Drake…

6. For single ‘Shine Ya Light’ Ora went back to her roots and filmed the video in Pristina, Kosovo. Despite moving to the UK when she was still a baby, Ora has a huge fanbase in her birthtown and says that the immense attention and support from the public when she was filming the video made her feel “like Princess Diana”.


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7. Speaking of royalty, Ora fancies the title of Princess Rita and has previously spoken of her wish to join the royal family. When asked what rumour she’d like to spread about herself, she told Sugarscape: I’d probably say that I’m getting married to Prince Harry because then maybe it would actually happen. I really love Harry. Harry for king!” Get to the back of the queue, Rita!

8. Pop power couple alert! Before they both hit the big time and became huge stars, Ora dated pop crooner Bruno Mars. They met in 2009 when she was just 18 but ended things in 2011 when their respective careers took off and work got in the way. Ora has admitted she was smitten, gushing: “It was love at first sight.”

9. Ora has such an impressive array of tattoos that it’s tricky to keep track, but at the last count she had around 15. As well as the words ‘Hope’, ‘Love’ and ‘Promise’ in between her fingers, she also has a portrait of Aphrodite, an anchor, several quotes and her sister’s name (awww!).

10. Ever wondered what Rita Ora smells like? Well wonder no more, her signature scent is Chanel Chance. Phew, that’s that burning question answered! We can all go back to sleeping at night now.


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Closing Ceremony

Olympic Closing Ceremony: Spice Girls’ fashion.

We take a look at the fashion choices of each of the Spice Girls from last night’s Olympic Closing Ceremony.
The Olympics last night finally drew to a close, and it most certainly went out with a bang.
We waited with breath that was baited for the rumours to come true and we finally got to see The Spice Girls together and performing once again.
They most certainly didn’t disappoint. The bedazzled Hackney cabs, the energy, the outfits it was everything we could have hoped for and in all honesty we didn’t want it to end.
The costumes that they decided upon were updated Spice Girl fashion that stayed true to each of their own persona.
There was rumours last week that they would all be wearing Giles Deacon, but this proved untrue. However, Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice did.
She chose a strapless gown, obviously in black, with tiers, ruffles and gold embroidery. The dress was custom made for the event, but was inspired by the designer’s Fall 2012 collection.
Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, went for a cute pink dress by Maggi Cooke. The mini dress featured structured glitter-covered shoulders with a deep-pplunging neckline. Silver sparkling peep-toes and glossy blonde waves completed her look.
It was as sweet as she is.
My favourite look had to be Melanie Chislom, Sporty Spice. Her outfit was perfect and she looked stunning. She’s wowed me recently with her fashion choices.
The singer was dressed by JD Sports, in a white jumpsuit with side split pants and a silver sparkling waistband which was designed by the leading sports fashion retailer. She paired the outfit with a pair of on-trend Silver Wedged trainers.

I must admit that I hoped and prayed that Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, would don her infamous Union Jack dress, but alas it was not to be.
Instead she insporated the flag into her red Suzanne Neville strapless mini dress which featured gold detailing. She paired the look with a beautiful Halo & Co gold filigree tiara and a pair of Isabel Marant gold glitter ‘Dicker’ ankle boots.
Melanie Brown, Mel B, Scary Spice tweeted before the event that her hair was ”Scary” and she didn’t disappoint. She looked amazing.
It has to be said that she looked as though she enjoyed herself most out of the girls and was definitely the standout in her Zuhair Murad jumpsuit.
The nude skin-tight look was embroidered with intricate gold-sequin detailing. She paired the look with a pair of gold heels.
They all looked amazing, but like I said before why can’t they just reform once again?
Did you enjoy their performance?
Femalefirst Taryn Davies


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Romantic involvement

Rory McIlroy somehow wins a major while dating someone famous.

By crushing the field at the PGA Championship this weekend, McIlroy has dismissed the silly notion that a bad game or a slump by an elite athlete has anything at all to do with his or her romantic involvement with someone beautiful and famous.
Going into the PGA, McIlroy was in the midst of a rather shaky season. He had missed the cut at three tournaments, including the U.S. Open, where he was the defending champion. Naturally, many people said his spotty play had everything to do with his relationship with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.
Then, tied for the lead with more than one round remaining the next day, McIlroy stayed up late watching his girlfriend play in the Rogers Cup. Can you imagine what the critics would have said if he hadn’t smoked everyone Sunday with a bogey-free six-under-par 66 in the final round?
McIlroy could.
“To be honest, it did motivate me,” he said. “I did want to go out there and prove a few people wrong. That’s what I did.”
If they were still together, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson would be thanking McIlroy.
If they were still together, Matt Kemp and Rihanna would be thanking McIlroy.
If they actually were/are together, Kate Upton and Mark Sanchez and/or Justin Verlander would be thanking McIlroy.
Instead, I’ll do it.Thank you, Rory McIlroy! Now we can all go on with our lives.


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New reality

Ready For Love NBC Dating Show Stars Miami Bachelor Ernesto Arguello.

One of Miami’s most eligible bachelors will be reppin’ our fine city this winter on a new reality TV series. Ready for Love is NBC’s latest spin on the art of arranged on-screen romance, in which three seasoned matchmakers will try to help three lonely bachelors find a soulmate, all under the watchful eye of primetime audiences and Facebook addicts.
Yes, another romance reality show. But this one might actually be promising, if you’re into that sort of thing. Let us tell you all about our guy. Because it’s good.
Ernesto Arguello is a 33-year-old philanthropist, or, as all of Ready for Love’s promo materials have specified, “an entrepreneur with a social vision.” He is the son of Cuban and Nicaraguan refugees and spent his childhood living in Honduras, during which period he says he first took note of the inequality and unsafe living conditions for so many in the world. He studied engineering and architecture at the University of Miami and has been here ever since, building a successful career which eventually moved into philanthropy. Among other things, he helped establish an organization that provides safe housing for people in underdeveloped countries in Latin America.”I grew up with the mentality of leaving this world a better place than I found it,” he says in the video above. “Giving back to these communities is far more rewarding than any amount of money or any material possessions I could ever have.”
To top it off, of course, Ernesto is devastatingly handsome. However, he is also devastatingly single. Enter NBC and Eva Longoria, who happens to be the Ready for Love’s executive producer.
Along with two other bachelors (Ben from Dallas and Tim from Santa Barbara), Ernesto will leave his fate up to Longoria and three professional matchmakers, who will each hand-select a group of women to vie for one man’s heart. In an interesting spin, the matchmakers culled their female picks from applications submitted on Facebook. Up until May 18, women could nominate themselves or a friend for a spot on the show via an app on Ready for Love’s Facebook page (sorry ladies, we know it’s too late to sign up now…next time).
Facebook will be used throughout the airing of the show as well, as an extra-interactive feature “immersing viewers in 24-hour storytelling through the Facebook Pages for Longoria, the eligible guys, the matchmakers, and the women looking for love,” according to NBC.
To us, this seems like the most realistic thing a “reality” show has done to date, considering we already conduct the majority of our social business on Facebook anyways. Stay tuned for Ernesto updates before the show premieres this winter.


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Taylor Lautner and Ashley Benson Dating? Photos Emerge of Couple at Dinner.

Taylor Lautner and Ashley Benson have been seen dining out together earlier this week, sparking rumors that the two actors could be dating.
Lautner, who stars as a werewolf in his film series “The Twilight Saga,” was spotted having a casual meal with “Pretty Little Liars” actress Benson. The date took place at Red O Mexican Restaurant in El Lay on Thursday night. The two incidentally are also represented by the same agent.
Despite the rumors connecting the two actors together, sources have said that the two left separately at the end of the night, and that it could have been nothing more than two friends getting together.
Meanwhile, Lautner’s co-star in the “Twilight” films, Kristen Stewart, continues to be going through a tough time. Stewart has reportedly pulled out of the London premiere of her new movie “On The Road” as she is reportedly too embarrassed to make public appearances following the recent cheating scandal.
Stewart, 22, cheated on long term boyfriend and “Twilight” co-star, Rob Pattinson, with married father Rupert Sanders, who directed her film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” The actress apparently fears that making an appearance on Aug. 16 would only distract from the film, which is an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel.
“Kristen won’t be doing the red carpet for ‘On The Road,’ she’s too ashamed to show her face in public right now,” a source told Radar Online.

Follow us.
“After everything that has been said, and in light of the revelations that she cheated on Robert with director Rupert Sanders, she’s running scared at the moment.”
Tom Sturridge, Stewart’s “On The Road” co-star, is good friends with Pattinson, which has scared the actress off even more from attending the premiere.
“There’s also the dilemma of standing next to her co-star in the movie, Tom Sturridge. He’s very close to Rob and Kristen thinks it would be awkward for her to promote the movie on the red carpet alongside him,” the insider explained.
“Kristen is very proud of her work for ‘On The Road,’ she grew up reading Kerouac novels and this is a production she always wanted to star in. If she appears at the London premiere, it will detract people from the movie itself and Kristen doesn’t want that at all,” the source added.


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Vanessa Paradis on dating: ‘My type is obviously creative’.

Vanessa Paradis had already split from Johnny Depp when she sat down for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. (The September issue hits newsstands on Aug. 21.)
But the news didn’t break until two days after the interview. Her answers to questions about love, relationships and what she finds attractive are telling.
On love: “Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it,” says Paradis, 39.
“When you meet the love of your life, it’s just obvious and natural and easier.” But, she adds, “you keep learning all the time. Sometimes you could be in an unhappy relationship; you are very much in love with someone, but it’s making you unhappy and you think things can change and you can work it out.”
On fame: “I was for sure not prepared for fame when it happened,” says Paradis, who has been performing since she was 8. “But nobody pushed me to do it. I wanted to sing, to dance, to work.”
On aging: She says she doesn’t plan on plastic surgery. “I don’t work in America, so I don’t feel the pressure.”
On dating: “Well, my type is obviously creative,” she says, with a quick smile. “Creative, with burning eyes and a pretty mouth.”


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Emma Roberts dating Evan Peters: Did ‘Adult World’ co-stars find love on Syracuse set?

“Celeste and Jesse Forever” actress Emma Roberts and “American Horror Story” star Evan Peters have been spotted together again, extending their spring fling into a summer romance.
The Daily Mail reports the Hollywood couple has been dating for several months since meeting on the set of “Adult World,” which filmed in Syracuse this past February. The pair was first seen together at Coachella Festival in April, and again at her stylist Emily Current’s wedding in July.
Photos posted by GossipCenter show Roberts and Peters out on a lunch date at The Oaks Gourmet in Los Feliz, California on Friday. The 21-year-old niece of Julia Roberts wore black shorts and a baggy sailor t-shirt while smiling and laughing at a table outside with the 25-year-old actor, who also dressed casually with a ‘Slam Duck’ graphic tee and gray pants.
Roberts previously dated “Glee” star Chord Overstreet dated for nine months before breaking up in early 2012. Rumors spread that they got back together in the spring, but now she appears to be exclusively with Peters, whose other roles include “Kick-Ass,” “One Tree Hill” and “The Office.”
Roberts was in Syracuse for more than three weeks this past winter to film “Adult World,” directed by Scott Coffey and co-starring John Cusack, John Cullum and Cloris Leachman. She plays a recent college graduate who ends up working at an erotic bookstore to pay for her student loans, guided by her favorite poet and professor Rat Billings (Cusack).
Peters plays Roberts’ love interest in the film. “The chemistry between him and Emma when we screened them was great,” co-producer Manu Gargi told The Post-Standard in February.
Despite sharing a name with an actual business in Syracuse called Adult World, the film’s title is a play on words about growing up and entering the real (or adult) world.
According to the Daily Mail, “Adult World” could get a theatrical release as early as the end of this year. Coffey previously told The Post-Standard that he’d start showing a final cut of the film to film distributors by September to be picked up and possibly screened at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2013.
Roberts, who rose to fame as a teen in movies like “Aquamarine” and “Nancy Drew,” recently wrapped “Empire State” opposite Liam Hemsworth. Deadline reports she’s now in the cast of Jennifer Aniston’s new film “We’re the Millers,” currently filming in North Carolina.
Peters is expected to appear on FX’s “American Horror Story” again as a different character. The Daily Mail reports he just finished filming a movie called “Truck Stop,” a drama set in the ’70s about the friendship between a child with cerebral palsy and a troubled runaway.


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First date

Dating: Top ten things to have on a first date.

Come on now boys and girls; it’s time to get thinking. You have that great big first date booked, and now the time has come to get ready, pick your cutest outfit, get your “swag” on, and primp and preen for the big event. Of course, many boys and girls will spend so much time on getting ready for the big date, that they often forget the essentials, especially when it comes to safety and security. Thankfully, we have given you a little helping hand and compiled a list of 10 things that you simply cannot do without on a first date.

1. You shouldn’t leave the house without chap stick, regardless of whether you are male or female, so you certainly shouldn’t go on a date without one. You don’t know whether or not you are going to end the date with a good kiss, or even something more, so by ensuring that you have chap stick on your person in some place, you can be sure that your lips are kissably soft at all times.

2. A charger for your phone, or at the very least, a spare battery. This is more so for security rather than anything else – you never know if you are going to need someone to get you out of a bad date. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, what happens if the date goes so well that you end up staying the night? You are going to need to tell someone where you are, and you may even need to call yourself a taxi in the morning – be prepare ladies and gentleman.

3. Mints/gum – this goes hand in hand with the chap stick idea, and is also a must have for anyone that smokes. No one wants to kiss an ashtray, nor do they want to kiss someone that has just eaten a whole load of garlic. Be sensible and make sure you have something kind of minty in your pocket, and again, if the date goes well, the gum or mints will save you from that nasty morning after breath that we all suffer with.

4. Condoms – this goes without saying, really, and to be on the safe side, you should probably pack more than one. Of course, a whole strangle of condoms probably isn’t appropriate, but a pack of three should do the trick: two for the night, and perhaps one in the morning.

5. Painkillers – if you have been drinking and you stay the night, you are probably going to have some sort of head pain in the morning. Also, you don’t want to potentially destroy a great date by having a headache and not being able to do anything about it. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

6. Deodorant – again, what happens if you stay the night? Also, dates are nerve-wracking events and the last thing that you are going to want, (especially the boys) is to smell as if you haven’t had a shower in a few months. You can buy travel sized sticks of sprays these days; use them!

7. Remember your pennies! This is very much for the girls as well. Just because HE is taking you out on the date, doesn’t mean that HE is going to pay. At least have the funds available to pay your own way, even if you have no intentions of doing so.

8. Medication – Just because you have a “not on the first date rule” doesn’t mean that you are not going to do it anyway. Just remember any medication that you would normally take on a daily basis; contraceptives, etc.

9. A spare pair of underwear. You never know where you are going to end up, and the last thing that you are going to want is to have to walk home without any undies, or even worse, the same underwear that you worse last night! Be prepared and pack some spares!

10. Lastly, but certainly not least, always, always, always remember to have safety money somewhere. We have already discussed the idea of paying your own way for the bill, but it makes perfect sense to ensure that you have some safety money stashed somewhere where you are not going to spend it, just in case you have to get an emergency cab home, or call home from a phone box. The money should be stashed somewhere on your person, rather than in your bag just in case you lose it.
So there you have it, the top ten list of things that you should always have with you on a first date! It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, after all!
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Fashion store chain Esprit pins hopes on new CEO.
Fashion retailer Esprit, which recently said it had “lost its soul” as it lost customers to rivals such as H&M and Zara, has hired a former Zara manager to turn its fortunes around.
Jose Manuel Martinez, a 42-year-old Spaniard and former manager of Inditex, the world’s leading fashion retailer which owns the Zara brand, is to take over as Esprit’s new chief executive replacing Ronald van der Vis who quit in June.
The announcement sent Esprit shares, which are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, soaring by as much as 28 percent.
But analysts warned investors against pinning their hopes too high.
“The appointment is positive, but it’s still only a first step,” said Deutsche Bank analyst Anne Ling.
And her colleagues at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch predicted that Martinez has a “long and bumpy road” ahead of him.
Esprit is, indeed, not doing well.
Last year, its operating profit shrank to just 70 million euros ($86 million) from close to 400 million euros a year earlier, owing to the cost of a 1.7-billion-euro restructuring programme which will weigh on profits again this year and next year.
At the same time, rivals Zara and H&M are continuing to grow.
On its website, Esprit boasts it is “an international youthful lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life.”
It operates more than 800 directly managed retail stores in more than 40 countries worldwide.
But outgoing CEO Ronald Van der Vis complained that the group has “gradually lost its soul in recent years.”
In its drive to expand internationally, the “brand’s heritage has been neglected and customers were no longer the centre of attention,” he said.
Esprit is indeed a long way from its beginnings in 1968 when its founders, hippies Douglas and Susie Tompkins — who also set up the North Face brand — sold their clothes from a VW camper van in California.
But the Tompkins left long ago. And Esprit has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 1993, with its dual headquarters in Ratingen near Duesseldorf in Germany and in Hong Kong.
Sales have been in decline since mid-2008, with its fashion collections failing to capture customers’ imagination.
The departure of its main designer, the Korean-American Melody Harris-Jensbach, in January 2008 has not helped.
Ronald Van der Vis tried to pull the group around by launching a worldwide restructuring last year, including the closure of more than 170 unprofitable stores, notably in North America, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.
At the same time, Esprit is focussing its energies on its main European markets where it plans to open 185 new stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the Benelux countries by 2015.It is looking to rejuvenate its image with new concept stores.
Another part of its offensive will be China, its second national market after Germany, where the number of sales outlets will be increased to 1,900 by 2015 from around 1,000 at present.Finally, Martinez is hoping to recapture some of Esprit’s “soul” with the return of designer Melody Harris-Jensbach.


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Advertorials market dating sites — Ten ways.

When there is huge competition (how many dating sites are there?), it is vitally important to make every dollar you spend on advertising and promotion count. Somehow you have to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. You have to use methods that the competition has not yet embraced. Advertorials can do this. Here’s how:

1. Save money: a penny saved is a penny earned. Through advertorials, your company pays a flat rate, and does not have to be concerned about paying for every electronic impression, which is a highly unpredictable practice. The more popular the site you advertise on, the higher your costs will be, without necessarily producing the desired click through rate.

2. Niche marketing: advertorials, especially in the form of a business column, will be read by those who are interested in online dating with a specific group of potential partners. They will learn through your articles about your particular niche. This may be anything: the over 50s, Latvian speakers, tattoo freaks or the religiously affiliated.

3. The domino effect: The soft-sell advertising and related content of advertorials contains information which often appeals to people on the fringes of your target market. If those people happen to be bloggers, you may end up with a good deal of free advertising when these bloggers redistribute your message. And their readers may pick up the article. Next thing you know, you are on Facebook and the world and his wife knows about you.

4. Tracking: with online banners, there is seldom a permanent trail of your investment. On the other hand; advertorials usually provide businesses with a paper trail of value-added content. The best part is that this can be searched by interested buyers or new clients.

5. Awareness: You want front of mind awareness. Advertorials can help you to increase awareness about your particular niche in the online dating world. Your goal should be to have all potential online daters think of you first when they are considering a date.

6. Value for money: There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that advertorials give the best results for your advertising dollar. While the results may not be immediately obvious, over time advertorials do bring in customers.

7. Better than banners: A business column or other form of advertorial will bring more users to your online dating website than online banners, which have a very low return on investment.

8. Depth: Far more than an internet banner or a print display ad, advertorials allow an online dating site to present an in depth look at the services they offer with human interest stories and genuine testimonials

9. Case histories: there are many heart-warming stories of couples meeting, and then marrying, through an online dating site. Sometimes it is complete strangers, sometimes the boy next door, and sometimes long-lost love. Who would not think, “If it worked for them, why not for me?”

10. The edge: do something that the competition is not doing.


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Cost of online dating scams soars.

The amount of money Kiwis lost to online dating scams has doubled in the past year and now makes up almost two-thirds of all reported online fraud losses.
NetSafe said New Zealanders reported losing a total $982,000 from online fraud in 1500 separate incidents in the past year.
Reported losses from romance and online dating scams, often a source of major frauds, almost doubled to more than $674,000. Fraudsters usually befriend vulnerable women online and later claim to urgently need large sums of money for an overseas financial emergency.
NetSafe operates a website,, in partnership with the police, the Consumer Affairs Ministry and other government agencies which lets people report frauds by clicking on an “online reporting button”.
The charity claimed in June that cyber-crime cost the country “as much as $625 million” in financial losses once the time and expense in sorting issues, such as removing malware, was included.
The estimate was extrapolated from international surveys carried out by Symantec, which sells security software.
NetSafe consultant Chris Hails acknowledged Symantec’s figures had been questioned and said there was no single source of reliable figures. But he said the losses reported to its Orb website would be the “tip of the iceberg” because it could be assumed many people suffered in silence.NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker said online scams and fraud made up a large proportion of the 1500 reported incidents.
“There has been a decline in reports about cold calling technical support companies and a rise in the number of people having their online accounts hacked,” he said.
“As well as suffering financial losses, many people are struggling to deal with the emotional turmoil and stress caused by online break-ins to their email and social networking accounts.”
In additional to rising losses from dating scams there had also been a marked rise in the number of complaints about online trading, including penny auction sites, Cocker said.
“With more people now shopping online and looking overseas for bargains, many people have fallen victim to fake websites that never deliver the goods they’ve paid for.”
Cocker advised people to use strong, unique passwords for important online accounts and to be suspicious of spam or phishing messages which directed them to malicious or fake websites.
“If you’re looking to buy online always be cautious of websites you haven’t dealt with before and if the price seems too good to be true take some time to research the company. Google their name and the words ‘review’ or ‘scam’ to see if other customers have had problems in the past.
“Lastly, avoid sending money by wire transfer to people you don’t know and if you buy online use a credit card and discuss any problem transactions with your bank.”
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Dating Girl: Our relationship has come to an end.

Dear Dating Girl: I’ve been seeing this guy for a couple of months and I thought things were going quite well. We’re both extremely tentative about getting into a relationship, so we took it very slowly and all seemed well. He even told me he was really enjoying the way things were going. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he tells me in a very cruel way that he no longer wants to see me. No discussion. Just, “It’s over. I don’t want to see you anymore.” I’m completely floored. What the hell happened?
Shocked and Shaken.
Dear Shocked and Shaken: I’d say the guy is suffering from the old fear-and-flight reaction. Maybe things were going a little too well and he’s not ready for that. But you can forget trying to find out. And no blaming yourself. Both are futile exercises. I mean it. You must also resist all urges to call up your mob connections and have him taken out. And repeat after me: I deserve better, I deserve better. As far as I’m concerned, all humans deserve respect, even when they’re being dumped. Someone who can’t be decent about breaking up with someone can’t be decent in a relationship. Now get out there and buy yourself a hot new outfit and go dancing with your best girlfriends. Right now!
That was my first Dating Girl letter and response back on July 12, 1999, just over 13 years ago. Wow – that’s longer than I’ve been married.
Like the young woman in this letter, I was tentative about getting into a relationship with The Gazette. After all, I was writing my slightly more risqué weekly column My Messy Bedroom over at the now sadly defunct Hour magazine when The Gazette approached me for a more, shall we say, family-friendly version of a relationship column. Could I be as honest, as frank, as bold in a daily?
Ultimately it didn’t matter. Sure, maybe I couldn’t use the word booger back in 1999 (ed: can I use that word yet?) and I couldn’t advise you when it came to the more X-rated aspects of your relationships, but there was so much to explore without even getting into any of that, from how to meet someone to how to get over them.
Some letters were less universal in theme than others (I’ll never forget the guy who wanted advice on sleeping with his cousin), but I tried my best to make my advice such that anyone might be able to call upon it when needed. I didn’t always succeed, but just as with relationships, there is no reward without risk.
And when it comes to relationships, just as I wrote in that very first column, “as far as I’m concerned, all humans deserve respect, even when they’re being dumped. Someone who can’t be decent about breaking up with someone can’t be decent in a relationship.”
Now I’m getting dumped. Thankfully, I didn’t get dumped like the poor woman in the above letter. There was no, “It’s over. I don’t want to see you anymore.” It was completely respectful. I’m sad, but not floored. I am well aware, as someone who has been in the media for over two decades now, that the times they are a-changin’. I am thankful for my years in this space. I am thankful for all the love, support, criticism and genuine gratefulness I have received from you for helping you navigate your way through the weird, wonderful and sometimes painful experiences of love. Not all relationships are meant to last forever. It’s been a good one. Thanks.
Now I think I’ll go out and get a hot new outfit and go dancing with my girlfriends.

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Rich toddlers draw fashion designers’ eyes.

NEW YORK – Juliet Sandler dresses in the latest $650 dresses and $400 shoes from Parisian fashion house Lanvin. Juliet is 3.
Her mother, Dara Sandler, says she dresses her daughter in the latest fashions because Juliet is a reflection of her — even though her daughter can’t spell the names of the designers, let alone pay for their clothes.
“I dress Top fashion designers are pushing more expensive duds for the increasingly lucrative affluent toddler demographic. This fall, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marni launched collections for the pint-sized. Luxury stores Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman are expanding their children’s areas to make room for the newcomers, many of them with higher price tags. Late last year, Gucci, which launched a children’s collection two years ago, opened its first children’s store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.
Some designer houses like Oscar de la Renta and Marni say they’re careful to keep the clothes appropriate for kids. But there are plenty of miniature versions of the adult looks that raise eyebrows because of their eye-catching prices and sophisticated styles.
American households are expected to spend an average of $688 outfitting their children for school, says the National Retail Federation, and that includes supplies like pencils and notebooks.
That’s most families. Some will spend $795 on Gucci backpacks or $1,090 on leopard print puffy coats from Lanvin.
Sasha Charnin Morrison, fashion director at Us Weekly, admits that some of the clothes are outrageously prices. But, she says, things like $200 Gucci sneakers make her kids happy.
“They’re a walking billboard of you. They’re a reflection of who you are, so if you are someone highly stylized, then you want to make sure your kids are the best-dressed kids out there,” she says.
Critics say the trend promotes elitism.”This creates a class system of the haves and have nots,” says Dr. Alan Hilfer, director of psychology at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. “It creates a culture of envy.”

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Only five years ago, the high-end children’s wear business was dominated by just a few major designers like Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Christian Dior. But the recent influx of others is the latest sign that affluent shoppers have gone back to splurging since the recession. And as the wealthy feel more comfortable about spending again, they increasingly want their kids to reflect themselves.
It’s a “mini-me” phenomenon, says Robert Burke, a New York-based fashion consultant. “It feels good. It’s like one for me and one for you,” he says. The trend isn’t limited to Manhattan or Beverly Hills, but is occurring in other big cities like Boston and Chicago, he says. Sales of designer children’s wear are also strong in resort areas where retirees who tend to dote on their grandkids live, he says.
Luxury children’s sales account for just a fraction, or just over 3%, of the $34 billion market, but it’s growing faster than the rest of the children’s wear and clothing market, according to NPD Group Inc., a research firm. For the past 12 months ended in May, children’s wear sales rose 4%, with the upscale component up 7%, according to NPD’s most recent data. That compares with a 3% rise for the overall clothing market.
Designers, seeking more growth, are now looking at children’s wear as another way to deepen their relationship with their customers as well as reach out to new ones.
The designers are targeting household incomes of at least $350,000, says Marshal Cohen, NPD’s chief industry analyst. That’s about seven times the U.S. median household income of $49,445.
Many of the new designer entries are more expensive than some of the established brands like Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren’s cotton shirts for boys are priced about $59. In comparison, Dolce & Gabbana’s plaid shirts for boys run $190. Girl’s dresses are about $500.Nordstrom, whose designer kids clothes were limited to a few names like Burberry and Ralph Lauren, is adding a number of collections for kids from the likes of Marni, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.


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New lines

Neiman Marcus Group’s Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan recently expanded its children’s wear department by a third to devote more space to Gucci and the new lines like Oscar de la Renta. For fall, the prices range from $4 for hair bows to $5,200 for an exclusive Christian Dior silk party dress handmade in France.

“We’re definitely growing,” says Andrew Mandell, Bergdorf Goodman’s vice president and divisional merchandise manager of home and children’s wear. “This is a whole new realm. And when you have our customers so fashion forward, they eat this up.”Colleen Sherin, fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, says both parents and grandparents are willing to spend on “unique, special” fashion items. “They’re just not looking for basics.”The bigger trend, however, is designers creating free-standing shops devoted to kids, says Faith Hope Consolo, who leads retail leasing and marketing at Prudential Douglas Elliman.Following in the footsteps of Gucci, Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani will be opening this fall its first U.S. store devoted to children in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Armani launched its children’s business in the U.S. in 2009.The Armani store, which targets newborns to teenagers, will feature items priced from $50 to $500, says Armani spokesman Christian Langbein.Some parents who are splurging say they also mix in shopping trips to Gap or other less-expensive stores, but see the designer duds as a confidence booster.”I really believe when she dresses like this, she feels better about herself,” added Sandler, who shops for pricey children’s clothes at Barneys New York as well as a New York women’s clothing store called Edit, which now has a designer children’s wear section.Manhattan resident Kelly Mallon, 39, says she’s proud that her 9-year-old daughter Madeleine has developed her own fashion sensibility.”I love seeing my child well-dressed. It makes me happy. It makes her happy,” says Mallon who outfits her daughter in accessories from Italian designer Missoni and tops from designer Milly’s year-old children’s line called Milly Minis. “It’s not a little girl playing dress up. She’s in her own clothes made for her.”


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YanikaDate today announced that its leading gay dating and personals site,, has received a refreshing makeover that includes a faster and more efficient registration process, updated search pages and an innovative interactive video home page. With more than 8 million registrants since the site’s inception, has improved user experience by simplifying the user interface while adding additional features and options to help users find great matches mission is to connect adult gay singles and couples looking for friendships, relationships and casual encounters which is now even easier thanks to the site’s face-lift.

“ continues to offer its unique online dating experience to a diverse group of members domestically and internationally – and each month we strive to make that experience better for our customers,” says Anthony Previte, Chief Executive Officer of YanikaDate. search and dating tools include interactive video home pages, 1×1 chat, member videos, flirts, bulletins, webcams, polls, advice and more with new features frequently being added. For more information, or to sign up, please visit

YanikaDate is an internet-based social networking and technology company operating several of the most heavily visited websites in the world, including also distributes original pictorial and video content and engages in brand licensing.YanikaDate is listed on the NasdaqGM under the ticker symbol FFN.


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Men who prefer women younger than themselves, and women who choose older men are not only under the influence of cultural stereotypes. Those and other age-related preferences in the field of sex and marriage were defined in the process of evolution.

According to the scientists, both men and women of children is greater when the father for a few years older than the mother. They believe that through natural selection of both sexes developed a consistent age-related preferences.

As the study conducted in Austria, the men are making the greatest progress in childbirth, when the lady for six years younger, women have the same child more than anything in the event that the father of five years or older.

One of the most well-known prolific marriages in the UK confirms these figures are almost one hundred percent. The queen, who is now 81 years old, for four years and ten months younger than the Duke of Edinburgh. They have four children – is more than twice the average for British families.

However, in couples where the man is much older, this advantage is not observed. Women whose partners are older than ten years, on average, as many children as those whose spouse is younger than five years.

Results of the study are the most convincing of the evidence that the union, in which the older man and a woman younger, became the norm for heterosexual couples in the course of evolution. So it is accepted in most human societies studied, and it gives an advantage at birth of offspring.


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In England and Wales in 26% of households under the age of husband and wife, 48% – a little older, from one day to five years, and 26% of cases – for six years or more. In other countries, revealed similar patterns. And although the average age difference might be different, the norm is always a strong half of seniority. On average in the world, men prefer women as partners of 2.66 years younger, and women – partner of 3.42 years older.

Similar trends are observed in the analysis of data on marriages around the world. This feature brings together different cultures and have long generated suspicion among scientists that it was formed in the course of evolution because the age difference in the historical perspective provided the birth and survival of more children. Typically, these age preferences explained by the fact that men are programmed to choose partners who are the visible signs of the ability to bear children (and they are underlined at a young age). At the same time, women were thought to aspire to material goods and status, which in men is greater with age.

And although a new explanation of the theory sounds logical, before researchers could not prove that men who choose younger wives and girlfriends, and women who marry older people receive some kind of advantage at birth.

A new study by Martin and Susanne Huber feeder from the University of Vienna, for the first time allowed to find relevant evidence. Experts examined a database of more than 10 thousand men and women from Sweden. All the surveyed have children born to one partner. Details of the study are given in the journal Biology Letters.

Among men, the average number of children increased in the case if the age is less than the partner. Peak that advantage comes at a difference in 5.92 years, and then began to decrease again. A similar discovery was made by and for women: the average number of children increases if the partner was older, this figure was the peak of the difference in 3.97 years, and then again began to fall. Perhaps the various figures of men and women are explained by the fact that the sample was represented only by one partner of each married couple.

If the woman is older than his partner, this figure varies even more pronounced: the number of children drops sharply from year to year differences. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that women’s ability to bear children decreases with age. Chances are that the woman, who over a partner for ten years, starts a family at a time when her fertility starts to decline. In the case of older men is not an immutable fact.

The results suggest that from an evolutionary perspective is useful when a man several years older than women, because the light appears more children. Scientists say: “These findings can explain why men generally prefer to marry women who are younger, while women generally prefer men older than themselves. We conclude that age preferences in choosing partners benefit men and women in terms of biology, and this trait could evolve into the process of evolution. ”

Scientists have also discovered that when a person has children from his first marriage, and then he takes a second union, the new partner is usually younger than the first. This is true for both men and women. The researchers believe the choice of the younger partner is intended to compensate for the reduced ability of the individual to reproduce.


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Modern girls just forgotten how to flirt.

We are committed to the ideal of a successful business woman, trying to make a career in this complex man’s world, and completely forget about the fact that force women to weakness, not in an effort to catch up man.

Compare a beautiful woman with a flower. It would not have been perfect flower, and draws its flavor. So it is with Woman – their ability to attract and flirt feminine behavior.

Did you like it if a man will behave like a woman or a woman to dress?

Another constant error of modern girls is their easy availability. Girls should be aware of the undesirability of kisses on a first date. For example, I talk with a young man: the question of whether you like it if she would allow herself to kiss on a first date, he answered that with a girls to become bored.

But back to flirt. Flirt – the best thing that can come up with a clever girls, he was always unfailingly acts on the boys.

1. It is important to learn how to make eyes, because the eye’s response is an integral part of flirting. So, keep eye contact with someone with whom you’re flirting, at least for a few seconds, then smile and look away.

Then again bestow his chosen mysterious eyes and turn away. Repeat this simple operation once or twice in ten minutes. A man will understand that you’re flirting with him and making eye contact only emphasize the interest in his person.

2. Smile – the most disarming way of flirting techniques. Psychologists and experts in the field of sign language agree that a smile – one of the most important things that make you attractive. Smiling and laughter are very important, it is the fastest and easiest way to get close to man.

3. Hold his attention, that is, if we struck up a conversation between you, use our recommendations to keep the attention of your buddy. To start smiling and keep eye contact with someone. Listen carefully to what he says. What could be nicer, if you listen carefully and admire you! Show that you’re listening to – for example, nod your head.

4 .. Another effective technique of flirting – a light touch: in the hand, shoulder to shoulder, you can flick to fix his tie and collar. 5. One of the most important moments of flirtation – the position of the head. Look at him over his shoulder. … This asymmetry will attract attention, bend your successful show neck, while you maintain eye contact.

6. Start smarten up, the girls look extremely attractive, without knowing when the smooth your hair or clothes, make-up corrected. Try to touch up one’s makeup, with a smile. Tryahnite head perebroste hair on one side – it’s a classic move.

7. Subconsciously attracted to both sexes red moist lips because they symbolize youth and fertility. Some women prefer a bright red lipstick or a cherry burgundy. This will make your lips more brightly, and teeth – whiter. 8. Put a foot on the leg, this is especially true for those who like high heels. Woman sitting in “foot to foot,” it seems very tempting to a man, he subconsciously think that it is especially long legs.

9. The last psychological advice, scientists noticed that people imitate each other if they are passionate conversationalist – his voice, gestures, etc. Adjust the bit under your chosen facial expressions. He leaned back – you are too lean back, etc. If you change yourself for a man, he begins to feel that you and he are very close.


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Television yesterday I was asked: “Is it true that the most common method of seduction – it alcohol? Its is consulted by most of the men who crave sex! “The logic of this statement is quite obvious – drunk girl allegedly” losing control “over their actions and become more relaxed.

I do not think alcohol is a tool of seduction. In my opinion, there is more to this thin thread. But if you look at pictures of Greek kylix, it becomes obvious that the drinking of wine at the meeting – that’s not a new tradition. In European civilization, it is supported by several millennia, and probably will continue until our planet will not run, men and women.

And what about the connection of the elements of sex and wine said the modern statistics? Experts from the University of Florence investigated the degree of sexual satisfaction among women aged 18 to 50 years. Closer analysis were factors such as sexual arousal, orgasm and satisfaction. And what conclusion came scrupulous scientists? Incontestable fact was that women who drank one or two glasses of wine a day, experiencing life in more sexual pleasure, compared with women who do not. Should we be surprised? Remember even if the pictures bacchantes great masters. Judging by the expression on their faces, they are clearly having fun.

Professor Tim Spector from London investigated the sex life of women aged 18 to 83 years. It is not known why he was interested in this age range, but the interesting conclusion arrived at by a British scientist. In his view, women have the ability to express their feelings and know how to read the feelings of others, shall receive compensation in the form of a more vibrant sex life. Professor claims that women with higher emotional intelligence and have a more favorable sexual life. With this view agrees London psychologist Andrea Burri, who is convinced that: “Emotional intelligence seems to have a direct impact on women’s sexual functioning by influencing her ability to communicate her sexual expectations and desires to her partner.”

A few more facts. Year after year, new research finding pattern between sexual activity of women and their health. For example, Dr Sonia Davison argues that the sexually unsatisfied women have lower levels of vital energy in comparison with women regularly have orgasms. But researchers from the NHS (Sheffield) argue that an active sexual life of women has an impact on the immune system, increases self-esteem and promotes better sleep.

It seems that these facts are familiar to many women. But what happens in practice? According to a recent study (Harris Interactive), 46% of women prefer to give up sex and spend this time on the Internet. While both agree to such an action, only about 30% of men. Moreover, women aged 35-44 are more likely to exchange sex on the internet – 52%.


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The similarity of the Russian women and American women?

I am often asked whether Western women are different from Russian. As a person who lived in several countries and had relations with representatives of an even greater number of races and nationalities, I can say with confidence that the differences certainly exist. And many of them quite subtle at first glance, but they have a very significant impact on relations between men and women at more closely. But today, I would not like to mention the differences and the similarities.

The motive for writing this letter served, caught my eye information from the publication Social Psychological and Personality Science. According to a new study in the States, the American lady living in the most regret not established relationships with the opposite sex. Probably, this fact may seem strange, because some American women are quite pragmatic and feminized. Yes, many of them, but not all, indeed are. So sorry about the lost opportunities for education and career on the importance they place immediately after the failed experiences of love.

Of course, it is worth noting that the nature of priorities depends on age. So, inspired by the freedom and bewitched the opportunities presented at each new stage of career, many young women are given to easily request to participate in the career race. However, their career game from time to time are accompanied by elegant, sexy adventures of varying duration, or even the fact that with care, the essence of masking is called a “serious relationship”.

But sooner or later, the dance is interrupted desires, and career is back on a more meaningful place.

Clever, charming careerist every day perfecting the art of office games, and their skill is always measurable results. And with them the relevant experience of life. Are fairly significant number of women for whom their functional world is a big part of their daily lives. This is even reflected in their locker room, the dominant part of which is clothing business style.

I would like to note that the office armor not only include business suits, but also the corresponding role mask, facial expressions, the corporate lexicon and style of communication with colleagues, superiors, clients …

Of course, personal priorities – this is the current choice of man and should be respected. But it’s not about that, but that happens with most office Amazons over time.

And it turns out, so that there is no difference between Russians and American – quite often lies in wait for their loneliness and sense of regret for lost personal relationships, a sense of lost youth.


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How to preserve the health of men
In order to live a long life without any problems, not necessarily all the time to look after themselves and walk every day to the gym. We offer individuals the male list of tips that are beneficial to health, and with it will not require practically no time and cost:

Make love at least a couple times a week.

During sex calories burned almost instantly, in addition, intimacy strengthens the immune system, as well as protects against prostate cancer, due to withdrawal from the body of harmful substances.

More kissing!

Men, who every day farewell kiss, at least get into car accidents and live for 4 – 6 years longer than those men, who second half is less than paying attention.

Prior to his work you can go.

Researchers found that daily exercise at a distance of over two kilometers, occupying about half an hour is needed to avoid obesity and maintain a normal state of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Gradually reduce their food intake.

Studies have shown that men each year can gain pounds of excess weight in a year. And if the day has just 100 calories less – can stifle the emergence of excess weight, but 100 calories is only half of the match can of beer or a couple of cookies.

Drink tea or coffee with loads.

Scientists estimate that caffeine, which is a cup of tea or coffee increases stamina by a third and increases the amount of fat burned during movement and loading.

Long-term partner – the guarantee of health.

Guys who are in a committed relationship (not married), living for several years longer than men without a pair.

Fatty foods – no!

Eat fewer fatty foods, you can remove the excess fat with a spoon or a simple kitchen towels, which should promakivat excess fat from food purchased in the store. This way you can get rid of about 15% fat, with a taste of the product will not change.

Every day, eat fruits and vegetables.

The day is not difficult to use at least four servings. in the morning glass of orange juice, chopped fruit for lunch, you can also eat a sandwich with lots of salad before dinner, etc.


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Even the most ardent romances in the workplace are not prohibited by law actions, with some large companies have limitations on it. Despite the fact that today’s corporate standards hinder the establishment of loving contact in the office, they can not fully prevent the natural course of events. To start a flirt in the workplace, you need to find out for yourself how important this work and will it be possible to change it in case of problems?

Colleagues have always shown great curiosity to such stories. Full control on the part of employees is not a negative factor. Flirting in the workplace prevents perform a professional duty (which is what makes leaders condemn novels at work). This is typical for a novel head-slave. Then there are many reasons to assume that the manager offers several advantages in solving business issues with this slave. Employees may decide that it promoted only through sexual intercourse and nothing more. Moreover, if the romance between a boss and an employee grew and went public debate, thereby shaking the reputation of the chief – the chief Lego can get rid of the slave firing him. A subordinate can claim harassment by the head or start to divulge trade secrets.

The relationship between equal peers usually occur without any adventure, with the exception of curiosity of others. Less of these relations in this case – the accumulation of fatigue that you spend a lot of time together.

Conclusion: setting the stage for romance at work you gain a lot of cons, plus there is only one – you can save on transportation.


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European markets

Australian fashionistas rejoice: H&M is coming.
Next year, the Sweden-based “fast fashion” retailer will bring its ripped-from-the-runways apparel and ultra-low price points Down Under. Already a compelling presence in the American and European markets, H&M joins other fashion retailers, from Zara to Topshop, who’ve lately entered the Aussie market.

The company released the news via its Twitter and Facebook accounts. ”We are happy to announce that we will open our first H&M store in Australia, in 2014! Stay tuned for more details,” read the statement.

While the company has yet to sign any leases, it’s likely the first stores will be located in Sydney and Melbourne, which figure among the world’s most desirable retailing sites.

Fast fashion or race to the bottom?

H&M is perhaps best known for collaborating with well known designers, from Stella McCartney to Karl Lagerfeld, to release their designs at H&M stores at H&M-style low prices. These special collections generate huge excitement among budget-conscious fashionistas and have a reputation for selling out within just hours — an example of how fast fashion just keeps getting faster all the time.

But who stands to win as the retailing game speeds up? Surely the appeal for consumers is obvious. Why not pick up a few Karl Lagerfeld designs for what it costs to buy lunch?


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