Advertorials market dating sites — Ten ways.

When there is huge competition (how many dating sites are there?), it is vitally important to make every dollar you spend on advertising and promotion count. Somehow you have to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. You have to use methods that the competition has not yet embraced. Advertorials can do this. Here’s how:

1. Save money: a penny saved is a penny earned. Through advertorials, your company pays a flat rate, and does not have to be concerned about paying for every electronic impression, which is a highly unpredictable practice. The more popular the site you advertise on, the higher your costs will be, without necessarily producing the desired click through rate.

2. Niche marketing: advertorials, especially in the form of a business column, will be read by those who are interested in online dating with a specific group of potential partners. They will learn through your articles about your particular niche. This may be anything: the over 50s, Latvian speakers, tattoo freaks or the religiously affiliated.

3. The domino effect: The soft-sell advertising and related content of advertorials contains information which often appeals to people on the fringes of your target market. If those people happen to be bloggers, you may end up with a good deal of free advertising when these bloggers redistribute your message. And their readers may pick up the article. Next thing you know, you are on Facebook and the world and his wife knows about you.

4. Tracking: with online banners, there is seldom a permanent trail of your investment. On the other hand; advertorials usually provide businesses with a paper trail of value-added content. The best part is that this can be searched by interested buyers or new clients.

5. Awareness: You want front of mind awareness. Advertorials can help you to increase awareness about your particular niche in the online dating world. Your goal should be to have all potential online daters think of you first when they are considering a date.

6. Value for money: There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that advertorials give the best results for your advertising dollar. While the results may not be immediately obvious, over time advertorials do bring in customers.

7. Better than banners: A business column or other form of advertorial will bring more users to your online dating website than online banners, which have a very low return on investment.

8. Depth: Far more than an internet banner or a print display ad, advertorials allow an online dating site to present an in depth look at the services they offer with human interest stories and genuine testimonials

9. Case histories: there are many heart-warming stories of couples meeting, and then marrying, through an online dating site. Sometimes it is complete strangers, sometimes the boy next door, and sometimes long-lost love. Who would not think, “If it worked for them, why not for me?”

10. The edge: do something that the competition is not doing.


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