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Eric Rogell Writes the Book on Sun Tzu, War and Dating.

Relationship writer Eric Rogell covers the great strategies in the quest for women with his book, “The Art of War for Dating.”
Eric Rogell doesn’t think women are the enemy, but he’s not sure they know that. With that in mind, the businessman, writer and dating coach wrote his book, “The Art of War for Dating.”

Once the head of product design and development for a $600 million mail order company and a Creative Director for national magazines, Rogell is now what the journalism game calls an “influencer.” To the uninitiated, that makes him a lifestyle journalist who writes on the young men’s pleasures of that much-prized 18-45 demographic.

Along the way, he’s observed the successes and failures of his own dating life and the metaphor-mixing slings and arrows suffered by his guy friends. While he doesn’t see dating as a conflict to be endured, he saw enough in the strategy of meeting and getting to know women to draw similarities between the pursuit of the fairer sex and Sun Tzu’s all-purpose text, “The Art of War.”A Crave Online writer can use occasional advise as much as the next guy, so we caught up to Rogell out on the road and fired some salvos at this dating wisdom.

CRAVE ONLINE: When did you get the idea to criss-cross dating with Art of War?
Eric Rogell: I’m not the first guy to look at dating as a war. Look at the phrases that have been used by poets and writers for centuries: Love is a battlefield…The battle of the sexes…All’s fair in love and war…
This battle has been raging between the sexes ever since Eve dropped her “Adam Bomb” back in the First Conflict of the Garden of Eden. And women have been winning the war ever since. They are much better prepared, have much better battlefield training, and have an almost innate sense of how to deflect incoming advances. Plus, they are the keepers of the “prize.”
So, who better to turn to for advice on how to deal with a superior opponent than the master of military strategy himself, Sun Tzu?


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Statement style

Ten Things About… Rita Ora.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora had an explosive 2012 – her debut record Ora hit the top spot in the album charts, she scored three number one singles, and she landed a role as a guest judge on The X Factor.

This year looks set to be just as big for the 22-year-old. She’s bagged herself a role in Fast & Furious 6, which will hit cinemas in May, and with a second album in the pipeline, Ora shows no signs of slowing down or going off the radar. Especially if she continues to rub people up the wrong way as she did last month with her thinly veiled digs about Jade Ewen and Eurovision.

With her statement style and oh-so-trendy friends (we’re looking at you, Cara Delevingne), Ora has secured her position as fashionista, girl-about-town and pop superstar all rolled in to one.

We’ve delved into the world of Rita Ora to bring you ten things you may not have known about Jay-Z’s red-lipped protégé.

1. Rita Sahatçiu Ora was born in Kosovo on November 26, 1990 and moved to West London with her family at the age of 1. Her mum’s a psychiatrist and her dad owns a pub where she frequently gigged as she was growing up. She is extremely close to her big sister Elena who travels with her as her PA.

2. As an ex-student of the Sylvia Young Theatre School, Ora joins the long list of notable alumni including Amy Winehouse, Emma Bunton and er… Dean Gaffney. She was even in the same class as Vanessa White from The Saturdays. Ora has previously admitted she sometimes struggled to stick to the rules while she was at school.

3. Although we know her best for her catchy party tunes, Ora has also dabbled in the world of acting. In 2004 she played the part of a young Albanian girl called Rosanna in British Crime flick Spivs. Scenes from the film show a fresh-faced, dark-haired Rita before she discovered bottles of bleach and lashings of bright red lippy.


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