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Men who prefer women younger than themselves, and women who choose older men are not only under the influence of cultural stereotypes. Those and other age-related preferences in the field of sex and marriage were defined in the process of evolution.

According to the scientists, both men and women of children is greater when the father for a few years older than the mother. They believe that through natural selection of both sexes developed a consistent age-related preferences.

As the study conducted in Austria, the men are making the greatest progress in childbirth, when the lady for six years younger, women have the same child more than anything in the event that the father of five years or older.

One of the most well-known prolific marriages in the UK confirms these figures are almost one hundred percent. The queen, who is now 81 years old, for four years and ten months younger than the Duke of Edinburgh. They have four children – is more than twice the average for British families.

However, in couples where the man is much older, this advantage is not observed. Women whose partners are older than ten years, on average, as many children as those whose spouse is younger than five years.

Results of the study are the most convincing of the evidence that the union, in which the older man and a woman younger, became the norm for heterosexual couples in the course of evolution. So it is accepted in most human societies studied, and it gives an advantage at birth of offspring.


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