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In England and Wales in 26% of households under the age of husband and wife, 48% – a little older, from one day to five years, and 26% of cases – for six years or more. In other countries, revealed similar patterns. And although the average age difference might be different, the norm is always a strong half of seniority. On average in the world, men prefer women as partners of 2.66 years younger, and women – partner of 3.42 years older.

Similar trends are observed in the analysis of data on marriages around the world. This feature brings together different cultures and have long generated suspicion among scientists that it was formed in the course of evolution because the age difference in the historical perspective provided the birth and survival of more children. Typically, these age preferences explained by the fact that men are programmed to choose partners who are the visible signs of the ability to bear children (and they are underlined at a young age). At the same time, women were thought to aspire to material goods and status, which in men is greater with age.

And although a new explanation of the theory sounds logical, before researchers could not prove that men who choose younger wives and girlfriends, and women who marry older people receive some kind of advantage at birth.

A new study by Martin and Susanne Huber feeder from the University of Vienna, for the first time allowed to find relevant evidence. Experts examined a database of more than 10 thousand men and women from Sweden. All the surveyed have children born to one partner. Details of the study are given in the journal Biology Letters.

Among men, the average number of children increased in the case if the age is less than the partner. Peak that advantage comes at a difference in 5.92 years, and then began to decrease again. A similar discovery was made by and for women: the average number of children increases if the partner was older, this figure was the peak of the difference in 3.97 years, and then again began to fall. Perhaps the various figures of men and women are explained by the fact that the sample was represented only by one partner of each married couple.

If the woman is older than his partner, this figure varies even more pronounced: the number of children drops sharply from year to year differences. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that women’s ability to bear children decreases with age. Chances are that the woman, who over a partner for ten years, starts a family at a time when her fertility starts to decline. In the case of older men is not an immutable fact.

The results suggest that from an evolutionary perspective is useful when a man several years older than women, because the light appears more children. Scientists say: “These findings can explain why men generally prefer to marry women who are younger, while women generally prefer men older than themselves. We conclude that age preferences in choosing partners benefit men and women in terms of biology, and this trait could evolve into the process of evolution. ”

Scientists have also discovered that when a person has children from his first marriage, and then he takes a second union, the new partner is usually younger than the first. This is true for both men and women. The researchers believe the choice of the younger partner is intended to compensate for the reduced ability of the individual to reproduce.


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