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Modern girls just forgotten how to flirt.

We are committed to the ideal of a successful business woman, trying to make a career in this complex man’s world, and completely forget about the fact that force women to weakness, not in an effort to catch up man.

Compare a beautiful woman with a flower. It would not have been perfect flower, and draws its flavor. So it is with Woman – their ability to attract and flirt feminine behavior.

Did you like it if a man will behave like a woman or a woman to dress?

Another constant error of modern girls is their easy availability. Girls should be aware of the undesirability of kisses on a first date. For example, I talk with a young man: the question of whether you like it if she would allow herself to kiss on a first date, he answered that with a girls to become bored.

But back to flirt. Flirt – the best thing that can come up with a clever girls, he was always unfailingly acts on the boys.

1. It is important to learn how to make eyes, because the eye’s response is an integral part of flirting. So, keep eye contact with someone with whom you’re flirting, at least for a few seconds, then smile and look away.

Then again bestow his chosen mysterious eyes and turn away. Repeat this simple operation once or twice in ten minutes. A man will understand that you’re flirting with him and making eye contact only emphasize the interest in his person.

2. Smile – the most disarming way of flirting techniques. Psychologists and experts in the field of sign language agree that a smile – one of the most important things that make you attractive. Smiling and laughter are very important, it is the fastest and easiest way to get close to man.

3. Hold his attention, that is, if we struck up a conversation between you, use our recommendations to keep the attention of your buddy. To start smiling and keep eye contact with someone. Listen carefully to what he says. What could be nicer, if you listen carefully and admire you! Show that you’re listening to – for example, nod your head.

4 .. Another effective technique of flirting – a light touch: in the hand, shoulder to shoulder, you can flick to fix his tie and collar. 5. One of the most important moments of flirtation – the position of the head. Look at him over his shoulder. … This asymmetry will attract attention, bend your successful show neck, while you maintain eye contact.

6. Start smarten up, the girls look extremely attractive, without knowing when the smooth your hair or clothes, make-up corrected. Try to touch up one’s makeup, with a smile. Tryahnite head perebroste hair on one side – it’s a classic move.

7. Subconsciously attracted to both sexes red moist lips because they symbolize youth and fertility. Some women prefer a bright red lipstick or a cherry burgundy. This will make your lips more brightly, and teeth – whiter. 8. Put a foot on the leg, this is especially true for those who like high heels. Woman sitting in “foot to foot,” it seems very tempting to a man, he subconsciously think that it is especially long legs.

9. The last psychological advice, scientists noticed that people imitate each other if they are passionate conversationalist – his voice, gestures, etc. Adjust the bit under your chosen facial expressions. He leaned back – you are too lean back, etc. If you change yourself for a man, he begins to feel that you and he are very close.


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