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Ready For Love NBC Dating Show Stars Miami Bachelor Ernesto Arguello.

One of Miami’s most eligible bachelors will be reppin’ our fine city this winter on a new reality TV series. Ready for Love is NBC’s latest spin on the art of arranged on-screen romance, in which three seasoned matchmakers will try to help three lonely bachelors find a soulmate, all under the watchful eye of primetime audiences and Facebook addicts.
Yes, another romance reality show. But this one might actually be promising, if you’re into that sort of thing. Let us tell you all about our guy. Because it’s good.
Ernesto Arguello is a 33-year-old philanthropist, or, as all of Ready for Love’s promo materials have specified, “an entrepreneur with a social vision.” He is the son of Cuban and Nicaraguan refugees and spent his childhood living in Honduras, during which period he says he first took note of the inequality and unsafe living conditions for so many in the world. He studied engineering and architecture at the University of Miami and has been here ever since, building a successful career which eventually moved into philanthropy. Among other things, he helped establish an organization that provides safe housing for people in underdeveloped countries in Latin America.”I grew up with the mentality of leaving this world a better place than I found it,” he says in the video above. “Giving back to these communities is far more rewarding than any amount of money or any material possessions I could ever have.”
To top it off, of course, Ernesto is devastatingly handsome. However, he is also devastatingly single. Enter NBC and Eva Longoria, who happens to be the Ready for Love’s executive producer.
Along with two other bachelors (Ben from Dallas and Tim from Santa Barbara), Ernesto will leave his fate up to Longoria and three professional matchmakers, who will each hand-select a group of women to vie for one man’s heart. In an interesting spin, the matchmakers culled their female picks from applications submitted on Facebook. Up until May 18, women could nominate themselves or a friend for a spot on the show via an app on Ready for Love’s Facebook page (sorry ladies, we know it’s too late to sign up now…next time).
Facebook will be used throughout the airing of the show as well, as an extra-interactive feature “immersing viewers in 24-hour storytelling through the Facebook Pages for Longoria, the eligible guys, the matchmakers, and the women looking for love,” according to NBC.
To us, this seems like the most realistic thing a “reality” show has done to date, considering we already conduct the majority of our social business on Facebook anyways. Stay tuned for Ernesto updates before the show premieres this winter.


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