Television yesterday I was asked: “Is it true that the most common method of seduction – it alcohol? Its is consulted by most of the men who crave sex! “The logic of this statement is quite obvious – drunk girl allegedly” losing control “over their actions and become more relaxed.

I do not think alcohol is a tool of seduction. In my opinion, there is more to this thin thread. But if you look at pictures of Greek kylix, it becomes obvious that the drinking of wine at the meeting – that’s not a new tradition. In European civilization, it is supported by several millennia, and probably will continue until our planet will not run, men and women.

And what about the connection of the elements of sex and wine said the modern statistics? Experts from the University of Florence investigated the degree of sexual satisfaction among women aged 18 to 50 years. Closer analysis were factors such as sexual arousal, orgasm and satisfaction. And what conclusion came scrupulous scientists? Incontestable fact was that women who drank one or two glasses of wine a day, experiencing life in more sexual pleasure, compared with women who do not. Should we be surprised? Remember even if the pictures bacchantes great masters. Judging by the expression on their faces, they are clearly having fun.

Professor Tim Spector from London investigated the sex life of women aged 18 to 83 years. It is not known why he was interested in this age range, but the interesting conclusion arrived at by a British scientist. In his view, women have the ability to express their feelings and know how to read the feelings of others, shall receive compensation in the form of a more vibrant sex life. Professor claims that women with higher emotional intelligence and have a more favorable sexual life. With this view agrees London psychologist Andrea Burri, who is convinced that: “Emotional intelligence seems to have a direct impact on women’s sexual functioning by influencing her ability to communicate her sexual expectations and desires to her partner.”

A few more facts. Year after year, new research finding pattern between sexual activity of women and their health. For example, Dr Sonia Davison argues that the sexually unsatisfied women have lower levels of vital energy in comparison with women regularly have orgasms. But researchers from the NHS (Sheffield) argue that an active sexual life of women has an impact on the immune system, increases self-esteem and promotes better sleep.

It seems that these facts are familiar to many women. But what happens in practice? According to a recent study (Harris Interactive), 46% of women prefer to give up sex and spend this time on the Internet. While both agree to such an action, only about 30% of men. Moreover, women aged 35-44 are more likely to exchange sex on the internet – 52%.


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The similarity of the Russian women and American women?

I am often asked whether Western women are different from Russian. As a person who lived in several countries and had relations with representatives of an even greater number of races and nationalities, I can say with confidence that the differences certainly exist. And many of them quite subtle at first glance, but they have a very significant impact on relations between men and women at more closely. But today, I would not like to mention the differences and the similarities.

The motive for writing this letter served, caught my eye information from the publication Social Psychological and Personality Science. According to a new study in the States, the American lady living in the most regret not established relationships with the opposite sex. Probably, this fact may seem strange, because some American women are quite pragmatic and feminized. Yes, many of them, but not all, indeed are. So sorry about the lost opportunities for education and career on the importance they place immediately after the failed experiences of love.

Of course, it is worth noting that the nature of priorities depends on age. So, inspired by the freedom and bewitched the opportunities presented at each new stage of career, many young women are given to easily request to participate in the career race. However, their career game from time to time are accompanied by elegant, sexy adventures of varying duration, or even the fact that with care, the essence of masking is called a “serious relationship”.

But sooner or later, the dance is interrupted desires, and career is back on a more meaningful place.

Clever, charming careerist every day perfecting the art of office games, and their skill is always measurable results. And with them the relevant experience of life. Are fairly significant number of women for whom their functional world is a big part of their daily lives. This is even reflected in their locker room, the dominant part of which is clothing business style.

I would like to note that the office armor not only include business suits, but also the corresponding role mask, facial expressions, the corporate lexicon and style of communication with colleagues, superiors, clients …

Of course, personal priorities – this is the current choice of man and should be respected. But it’s not about that, but that happens with most office Amazons over time.

And it turns out, so that there is no difference between Russians and American – quite often lies in wait for their loneliness and sense of regret for lost personal relationships, a sense of lost youth.


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How to preserve the health of men
In order to live a long life without any problems, not necessarily all the time to look after themselves and walk every day to the gym. We offer individuals the male list of tips that are beneficial to health, and with it will not require practically no time and cost:

Make love at least a couple times a week.

During sex calories burned almost instantly, in addition, intimacy strengthens the immune system, as well as protects against prostate cancer, due to withdrawal from the body of harmful substances.

More kissing!

Men, who every day farewell kiss, at least get into car accidents and live for 4 – 6 years longer than those men, who second half is less than paying attention.

Prior to his work you can go.

Researchers found that daily exercise at a distance of over two kilometers, occupying about half an hour is needed to avoid obesity and maintain a normal state of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Gradually reduce their food intake.

Studies have shown that men each year can gain pounds of excess weight in a year. And if the day has just 100 calories less – can stifle the emergence of excess weight, but 100 calories is only half of the match can of beer or a couple of cookies.

Drink tea or coffee with loads.

Scientists estimate that caffeine, which is a cup of tea or coffee increases stamina by a third and increases the amount of fat burned during movement and loading.

Long-term partner – the guarantee of health.

Guys who are in a committed relationship (not married), living for several years longer than men without a pair.

Fatty foods – no!

Eat fewer fatty foods, you can remove the excess fat with a spoon or a simple kitchen towels, which should promakivat excess fat from food purchased in the store. This way you can get rid of about 15% fat, with a taste of the product will not change.

Every day, eat fruits and vegetables.

The day is not difficult to use at least four servings. in the morning glass of orange juice, chopped fruit for lunch, you can also eat a sandwich with lots of salad before dinner, etc.


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