Even the most ardent romances in the workplace are not prohibited by law actions, with some large companies have limitations on it. Despite the fact that today’s corporate standards hinder the establishment of loving contact in the office, they can not fully prevent the natural course of events. To start a flirt in the workplace, you need to find out for yourself how important this work and will it be possible to change it in case of problems?

Colleagues have always shown great curiosity to such stories. Full control on the part of employees is not a negative factor. Flirting in the workplace prevents perform a professional duty (which is what makes leaders condemn novels at work). This is typical for a novel head-slave. Then there are many reasons to assume that the manager offers several advantages in solving business issues with this slave. Employees may decide that it promoted only through sexual intercourse and nothing more. Moreover, if the romance between a boss and an employee grew and went public debate, thereby shaking the reputation of the chief – the chief Lego can get rid of the slave firing him. A subordinate can claim harassment by the head or start to divulge trade secrets.

The relationship between equal peers usually occur without any adventure, with the exception of curiosity of others. Less of these relations in this case – the accumulation of fatigue that you spend a lot of time together.

Conclusion: setting the stage for romance at work you gain a lot of cons, plus there is only one – you can save on transportation.


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European markets

Australian fashionistas rejoice: H&M is coming.
Next year, the Sweden-based “fast fashion” retailer will bring its ripped-from-the-runways apparel and ultra-low price points Down Under. Already a compelling presence in the American and European markets, H&M joins other fashion retailers, from Zara to Topshop, who’ve lately entered the Aussie market.

The company released the news via its Twitter and Facebook accounts. ”We are happy to announce that we will open our first H&M store in Australia, in 2014! Stay tuned for more details,” read the statement.

While the company has yet to sign any leases, it’s likely the first stores will be located in Sydney and Melbourne, which figure among the world’s most desirable retailing sites.

Fast fashion or race to the bottom?

H&M is perhaps best known for collaborating with well known designers, from Stella McCartney to Karl Lagerfeld, to release their designs at H&M stores at H&M-style low prices. These special collections generate huge excitement among budget-conscious fashionistas and have a reputation for selling out within just hours — an example of how fast fashion just keeps getting faster all the time.

But who stands to win as the retailing game speeds up? Surely the appeal for consumers is obvious. Why not pick up a few Karl Lagerfeld designs for what it costs to buy lunch?


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