How to preserve the health of men
In order to live a long life without any problems, not necessarily all the time to look after themselves and walk every day to the gym. We offer individuals the male list of tips that are beneficial to health, and with it will not require practically no time and cost:

Make love at least a couple times a week.

During sex calories burned almost instantly, in addition, intimacy strengthens the immune system, as well as protects against prostate cancer, due to withdrawal from the body of harmful substances.

More kissing!

Men, who every day farewell kiss, at least get into car accidents and live for 4 – 6 years longer than those men, who second half is less than paying attention.

Prior to his work you can go.

Researchers found that daily exercise at a distance of over two kilometers, occupying about half an hour is needed to avoid obesity and maintain a normal state of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Gradually reduce their food intake.

Studies have shown that men each year can gain pounds of excess weight in a year. And if the day has just 100 calories less – can stifle the emergence of excess weight, but 100 calories is only half of the match can of beer or a couple of cookies.

Drink tea or coffee with loads.

Scientists estimate that caffeine, which is a cup of tea or coffee increases stamina by a third and increases the amount of fat burned during movement and loading.

Long-term partner – the guarantee of health.

Guys who are in a committed relationship (not married), living for several years longer than men without a pair.

Fatty foods – no!

Eat fewer fatty foods, you can remove the excess fat with a spoon or a simple kitchen towels, which should promakivat excess fat from food purchased in the store. This way you can get rid of about 15% fat, with a taste of the product will not change.

Every day, eat fruits and vegetables.

The day is not difficult to use at least four servings. in the morning glass of orange juice, chopped fruit for lunch, you can also eat a sandwich with lots of salad before dinner, etc.


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